Our Story

Simon started making ice cream when he was 9 years old

Born and raised in Atlanta, William and Simon are two brothers who grew up in the era of frozen sugar water in cardboard rolls from the neighborhood store. (You remember those too right?! Don’t worry. We loved them too.)

They’ve since brought that nostalgia of those glorious summer days to the modern era with a premium ice cream push pop that’s just as fun to eat and share with friends!

“It was really bad,” Simon says of that first momentous batch, “but I knew I could make it better.” He’s been perfecting his craft ever since.

There came a time when it was a given that Simon would show up to parties and study groups with ice cream in hand. It soon made sense to start an ice cream company to meet the demand and to share ice cream with the rest of the community. Simon is still expected to show up everywhere with ice cream, naturally. 

While Simon’s craft is ice cream, William’s art medium is sprawling spreadsheets where he puts his strategy board game skills to use making the day-to-day magic happen behind the scenes at YOM.

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The brothers continue to live, work and play [board games and video games] together when they’re not making and sharing ice cream.  

To this day, YOM focuses on community through local events, farmers markets and supporting small business owners including independent grocery stores, breweries and restaurants. Know a small business that would be a great fit for YOM? Let them know next time you’re there and drop us a line. Let’s see what we can do together!

Founded by brothers William and Simon, YOM is a premium custard ice cream company that makes artisanal ice cream from scratch using simple recipes and real ingredients. YOM specializes in premium custard ice cream push pops, made in Atlanta for wherever life takes you.