premium ice cream

push pops

made in Atlanta for wherever life takes you

locally made

YOM is made right here in Atlanta, where it all started and where we continue serving our community!

simple recipes

Each ice cream flavor is uniquely made with as few ingredients as possible for the purest taste experience.

real ingredients

There’s nothing artificial about our ice cream: no preservatives, artificial additives, or gums, ever. Period.

Simon started making ice cream when he was 9 years old and has been perfecting his craft ever since.

Founded by brothers William and Simon, YOM is a premium custard ice cream company that makes artisanal ice cream from scratch using simple recipes and real ingredients. YOM specializes in premium custard ice cream push pops, made in Atlanta for wherever life takes you.

What makes YOM’s premium custard ice cream different than other ice cream?

Premium custard ice cream has more egg yolk, less air and more fat compared to other ice cream. It’s what gives YOM its rich, creamy texture and mouthfeel and sets it apart from the rest.


YOM is available in ten delicious flavors. Discover your new favorite or learn more about the one you love!

We want to be where you are!

From farmers markets to pop up events, weddings, pool parties, birthday parties and every occasion in between, we’re here for you!


Find us at Farmers Markets & Local Events all over town!

treat your taste buds like they’re your buds

made in Atlanta for wherever life takes you